Mini Outings Tailormade for Nerds Like You

Get out and recharge doing fun things with people who can relate to your outer nerd.

What is Get the Geek Out?

We are your vehicle for meeting like-minded people at low-stress extracurriclar events tailored for human contact, conversation, and fun. Consider us your new activity planner.

We are your “hallway” track; your doorway to make connections without feeling pressure to be extroverted.

Simply put: We want to help you get out of your office to have fun with colleagues (and be able to use it as a tax deduction).

An atypical alternative to the typical conference.

Let’s face it homepeoples ... There are dozens and dozens of industry conferences and they are all basically the same event regurgitated in a different location.

Break free of the tired confines of the oh-so-typical conference by attending small, unique outings to help you meet colleagues in fun (and safe) settings.

We’d prefer that you, Mr. and Mrs. Above-Average-Professional, did the yammering. Inspire yourself instead of relying on someone standing behind a podium to help you reach that elusive like, you know, umm, epiphany.

Sign up. Show up. It's that simple.

  1. You sign up for an event
  2. We do all the planning
  3. Will yourself away from your computer
  4. Show up at the event with a big ol' smile

How does Get the Geek Out work?

Each event will need to “make”. In other words, a minimum number of people will have to sign up in order for the event to take place. We’ll select the date, gather signups, and give you the thumbs up if we get enough interest.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of time to arrange your schedule.

How much will an event cost?

The cost of each event will be determined by the venue, duration, and our time invested in planning the outing. We’ll require a non-refundable downpayment — because our groups will be small, we won’t have the luxury to cover spots that suddenly become available. If you bail, we can’t allow your abscence to cancel an outing for the rest of the group.

What kinds of events will we plan?

The whole premise of Get The Geek Out is to plan events that are tied to activities. Libations may be involved, but our goal is to get people off their asses and away from their computers. We’ll be arranging small scale events, for the most part. But we do have ideas for some frickin’ awesome events that will require travel and oodles of planning.

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Thank you! Prepare for awesome.